Equipment Financing with McKinley
Capital Finance

Reasons to Choose McKinley Capital
Finance for Your Equipment Financing

  • Ease of Process— We make it simple to acquire the equipment you need.
  • 100% Financing— We are often able to finance soft costs including taxes and installation.
  • Unlike regulated banks, we don’t require compensating balances, blanket liens, and restrictive covenants.
  • Preserve working capital and bank lines of credit for other purposes.
  • We are not restricted by lending limits or exposure restraints.

Application Only: Up to $350K

If you are looking to borrow $15,000 or $350,000 you can use our Low Paperwork, Application Only Financing Program. No need to submit tax forms or other paperwork. Approvals within 24 hours.

Larger Purchases up to $15 Million

For larger purchases requiring funding between $350,000 and $15 Million, the experts at McKinley Capital Finance will work to find a solution with terms and rates that work for your business goals.

Financing Over $15 Million

Since our goal is to support the growth and expansion of growing businesses, we have partner resources to provide larger financing options that are structured with your business complexities in mind.

Instead of paying cash upfront, consider financing for your next high-ticket equipment purchase.

When your business needs equipment to scale and meet a new opportunity or to maintain current levels of production, an equipment loan or lease could be the right move. Maintain your cash assets with a less expensive financing option.

You can use the proceeds of business equipment financing loans to purchase almost any kind of business equipment. We also provide sale and leaseback financing options, and loans secured by your currently owned equipment that provides liquidity to your business.

Apply Now for Financing

Finance your next equipment purchase with our financing solutions. Fill out our online application today.

McKinley Capital Finance Can Finance All Types of Equipment Needs.

There are equipment financing options to cover tools and resources for just about every industry. We specialize in industries that continually need expensive equipment in order to deliver their product or service. Most of our clients are financing equipment to either scale their production to meet new demand or to meet new opportunities with upgraded technology.

Here are just some business needs we can cover with equipment financing:

  • Production and Editing Equipment
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Medical Devices and Surgical Equipment
  • Transportation Fleets
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • CBD and THC Manufacturing Equipment
  • Food Services Equipment
  • University Lab Equipment
  • Rental Equipment of All Types
  • And More.

What Financing Product is Best for Your Business?

Whether your business is an established industry leader needing to stay ahead of the technology curve or an early-stage local business, we have the right product, terms and cost structure to finance your equipment needs. We offer:

  • Capital Leases
  • Term Loans
  • Fair Market Value Leases
  • Early Buy-Out Option Leases
  • Sale and Leasebacks

There are other options besides straight equipment financing.

You can choose to lease the equipment instead of obtaining a loan. The benefits of leasing your equipment are a lower monthly cost and the ability to trade your equipment for a larger or updated model.

If you know you’ll need that equipment for a while or you don’t expect updated technology to impact your production, equipment financing could be the right move. But if you’re looking for a more temporary solution with more flexibility and lower upfront costs, leasing equipment might make more sense.