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Equipment Leasing with McKinley Capital Finance

Equipment Leasing Offers the Most Flexibility

Rapid technological change has increased the risks associated with owning high-tech instrumentation and equipment.

In many industries, the need for the latest technology is imperative to the level of production needed to compete in the market and to meet increasing demand.

Organizations may need the latest technology to keep a competitive edge, but they often have no effective way of disposing of their current instrumentation or equipment and recouping the value.

When Your Equipment Needs Might Change Rapidly

That is where we come in…

McKinley Capital Finance can provide your company with finance strategies that will reduce the cost of equipment ownership and improve the ability for your organization to always have the current state-of-the-art technology.

With updated machines, you can improve the production of your company.

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The Benefit of Equipment Leasing

Leasing Saves Money
Leasing takes into account the residual value of the equipment at the end of the lease. You can recover the residual value up front in the form of lower lease payments by only paying for a percentage of the overall cost for a fixed period of usage.

Leasing Decreases Maintenance
Our asset management program decreases both maintenance and utility expenses through a systematic instrument replacement program without using capital funds. This program eliminates the risk of technology obsolescence and maximizes equipment residual value. 

Leasing Keeps You Ahead of the Curve
When your lease has expired, you can replace your equipment with brand new technology that will keep your company ahead of the technological curve. 

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